It Was A Good Day

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
1.  The boys got much-needed super cute haircuts!
2.  The sun was shining.
3.  I got to volunteer in Will's class for the first time!
4.  This day ends my dog responsibilities for the neighbors.  (Love those dogs, but it's time consuming)
5. Cole cracked me up today.  A few times.

#3: I've been waiting to do and his teacher hadn't initiated a volunteer schedule so I was pumped!  Yes, it was as fun as I had hoped.  I got to bring students out into the hall to work on number skills.  When it was Will's turn, I found out quickly that the too-cool-for-mom-at-school syndrome has not hit him yet.  He laid multiple kisses and tight squeezes on me right in the hallway.  It was great!  Of course, he DID still insist on riding the bus home even though I was there until the end of the day, but I'll take what I can get!

#4: When we were headed out the door this morning, I suggested the boys get their shoes on, to which Cole replied, "Awww, man!  I's just about to play wif my toys!" 

Then, today I dropped our tax information off at our CPA's office (which we hadn't visited since this time last year).  I left the boys in the car because it's literally 2 steps away (handcuff me now) and popped in and out.  When I returned to the van, Cole said, "Did the lady say, 'Do the kids want a sucker'"?  I. About. Died.  He remembered this, and I even saw the same basket sitting on her desk...filled with suckers.  Talk about making an impression.

Also, his new catch phrase:  If you say so.  It sounds sweet, but is said in such a way that it could be followed with a but I think you're crazy.


Jamie said...

His catch phrase cracks me up - sounds a little sarcastic for sure - but the overall message is very compliant!! I can't believe he remembered the suckers at the tax office - seriously? And, being his language geeky aunt; I'm very impressed that at his age he phrased it as the lady would say it vs. just asking something like "did she give me a sucker?"

Kelly said...

Cole cracks me up...I LOVE it.

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