Ninety Years

Monday, January 24, 2011
This weekend we celebrated my grandmother and her 90th birthday!  Hosted by my cousin in the city, it brought in cousins and my uncle from North Carolina  and Cincinnati for a rare and fun reunion!  Here is what ninety years of weddings, new babies, and other family events brings:

Cousin Chris and his wife Julie

Cousin Julie (Chris' sister) her nephew Corbin (Chris and the other Julie's son - are you keeping up?)

Sister Jamie, Cousin Jen, husband Patrick and their daughter Margot

Playing.  Nonstop.

Getting ready to sing for 90 years!

Sister Jamie and husband Steve

Gram and most of her 12 Great Grandchildren

Gram and most of her 10 grandchildren
Ninety Years Young.  We love you!


Alli said...

SUCH great pictures, Karen. Margot & Christopher Corbain look SO Big! Love the pic of Gram at the end....almost cried. Wish we could've came.

Renay said...

That looks like such a nice family party! Grams sure has a lot of grand DAUGHTERS! Only one grandson in that shot (for some reason, I notice these things after marrying into the "no one ever has a girl" family!)

suzanne said...

happy birthday to your grandma - that was great that everyone was able to get together and celebrate.

mj said...

That looks like your family was happy together!

Nice post!

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