Dictionary according to Cole

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Cole is really into using complete, formal names.  For example, he has been calling Will, Willian often.  He even called my sister-in-law's dog named Jake, Jacob.  Today, he suggested I call him Cole-iam.

These are still not right, but he has added a new one.  If he is referring to something that belongs to a girl, it is "shers."  This a combination of her and she, made possessive.  It's fun to say and I'm thinking of using it.  (Ex: Let's go to shers house!)

As Cole approaches 3, I realize that he is less interested in drawing than Will was at this age.  So, I've started to suggest more drawing as we play lately.  He got a new dry erase board for Christmas (mostly so he stops using his siblings' and leaving markers open so they dry out).  Today I was drawing pictures and asking him to add details.  Examples:  Here's a snowman.   Can you add buttons?  Here's a house.  Can you add windows?  Here is a face, can you add the smile?  I was happy to see that he CAN make these motions pretty well, he just isn't as greatly interested in it.  Here is his answer to: Here's a dinosaur.  Can you add teeth?
No making fun of the dinosaur...or his buck teeth


Jamie said...

Oh, I thought the dinosaur question was "Can you add snot?"

Love the language humor - he can call Steve, Steven but I wonder what my name will evolve into.....

Renay said...

I was going to say the exact same thing Jamie said about snot! too funny.

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