Slumber Party!

Thursday, December 30, 2010
We did it!  We had our official first slumber party last night as Paige's friend party for her birthday.  The agenda included: Project, game, pizza, dance party, movie.  I'm thankful there were only 3 girls invited because I'm not sure my house could handle the decibels of more than 4 girls shrieking at the top of their lungs for unknown reasons. 

They strayed a bit from the agenda and after the project and pizza decided to do makeup & nails and put on a rock show with paper jamz guitars and microphone.  It was quite the show! (We got backstage passes to see the a.m. show). 

When given the choice to have me sleep on the couch where they were slumbering (in the basement) or on the couch just up the stairs in the family room, I was SO pleased to hear them unanimously choose with them!  (Well, for the reason that they are still young enough that they want me around NOT because I thought I'd get good sleep among the giggles).  They did great and seemed to have a great time!  Here are some pictures! (Not in chronological order because blogger is not cooperating).

The beautification process before stagetime.

Project time

Hey, who invited this little rapper?
Still rockin' out in the morning.
Present opening


Bethie said...

Great pictures! Looks like Paige and the girls had a great time. And that picture of Cole is ADORABLE!!

Happy New Year!!

Alli said...

Is the present more peace stuff!?

Your basement was perfect for this party! It looked like a blast.

Happy Birthday, Paige & Happy New Year Kelly family :)

DiMpLeGiRlDeSiGnS said...

looked like lots of fun ;)

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