Funny Cole and a Rant

Thursday, October 14, 2010
This morning I announced for the boys to get ready to go to the grocery store.  Just a few short minutes later Cole marched up to me like this and proclaimed he was ready:

Then tonight after his bath, Cole was pulling his pants up REEEAAAL high like Erkle style and his hand slipped off the waistband and socked himself in the forehead.  Funny, to an outsider, but he stood there a moment looking puzzled at me like, 'how did THAT happen?'

I wish I would have consulted my kids' school before school clothes shopping.  And don't they know that if kids have to wear a certain color to school EV.RY.DAY it takes the fun out of it?  Here is what we have had recently:

  • Will's class has a color theme every Friday - bring something that color and wear that color
  • The whole school had PJ day recently for reaching a fundraising goal
  • Last week was spirit week - something weird to wear everyday
  • Every Wednesday the kids are supposed to wear the Character Counts pillar color that is being celebrated that week
  • Group picture day - everyone wear the school Tshirt
  • Now a note home that next week is Character Counts Red Ribbon Week - another spirit week with a clothing theme daily
Really?  This is like homework and my grade is slipping for diminishing enthusiasm.


suzanne said...

those sunglasses are sweet! wow, i wonder why your school didn't space things out more.

Alli said...

Wow, Cole. You look fabulous!

Another wow! for your kids' school. That is madness. How are you expected to keep up with that???

heresthediehl said...

love the glasses, cole!

and that's a lot of color-specific clothing. i'd be annoyed, too.

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