Full Weekend

Sunday, October 3, 2010
When asked what we had going on this weekend, all I could answer with was the kids' school walk-a-thon. But, oh, how we can fill up a weekend! It was a perfect mix of fun things, relaxation and chores.

It included a "bachelorette party" for family friends marrying next weekend, a sleepover with my sister that thrilled the kids, the kids' walk-a-thon, some shopping, dinner at the p's for homemade soup (perfect for the weather), an open house at the firehouse, and a private shopping outing for Paige and grandma. Fun!
The walk-a-thon was a school fundraiser we had never done. I thought it was a great idea to help Will get more "into" school and Paige was definitely expressing an interest. Though less vocal, Will ended up being hysterically into the event. They wore pedometers and got a certain number of raffle tickets per steps walked that they could drop in prizes of their choice. I'm beginning to realize more and more how "by the book" Will is. He followed the rules closely including pushing the reset button RIGHT when he crossed the starting line - as any extra steps would be cheating!
The boys checking out the fire gear. We got a private guided tour of the amazing facility and I learned a lot about the shift process and even financial procedures they use. The boys got to peek (gasp) down 2 real brass fire poles and sit in the lazy boy "family room."
This is just a picture Cole suggested I take. :)


Alli said...

Wow how Cole has grown! What a fun weekend. We've been fillin em up, too! It's madness!!!

suzanne said...

i like the idea for your walk-a-thon that they get a ticket for each lap. this year was only our school's 2nd one and they want me to take it over next year. i think i will so i'm looking for as many ideas as possible.

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