Guss What...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010
This is one of Cole's latest favorite phrases...along with "darn it!"  I absolutely love any story of his that begins with Mommy, guss what.  So here are some updates from us Cole-style:

Guss what! You know your 7-year old is nearing tween age when her favorite color used to be pink, but now it's HOT pink - preferably paired with black.  And her favorite store that was once the Disney Store is now Justice.

Guss what!  It still holds true that anything track-related is Will's currency.  He has a brave kindergarten chart for this week to avoid tears and he's two-for-two, knowing that with 5 stickers he earns a mountain tunnel for his model train set!  Go Will!

Guss what!  I need a REAL pedicure.  Cole was following me up the stairs and told me my feet were a "yittle ocky."  And Will recently told me he loves to hug me with his face in my stomach because it's nice and squishy.  Greeeaaat.

Guss what!  That stamp Will got in the birthday goodie bag?  Yeah.  It's not too washable.

Guss what!  TV shows are premiering in the next couple weeks.  In a related story, bedtimes are going to get even stricter around here.

Guss what!  Tomorrow is officially mid-September.  I can break out the fall decor!  WOOHOO!


Jamie said...

Great post!! Paige is def. becoming a tween and I have mixed emotions about the 80's inspired style (hence hot pink) coming into the stores!! Thumbs up to Will!! I heard Cole's phrase Friday - it's even better when he says: "Guess What Aunt Jamie." About you: DO treat yourself to a pedi, DON'T for a second think your tummy is truly squishy!

heresthediehl said...

Um, I'm glad that Will hasn't laid down on my stomach:)

And yay, Will, on 2 for 2!

suzanne said...

1. the guss what is just so cute. especially when they do the "mommy, mommy, mommy, guss what?" and then forget what they were going to say.
2. i cannot wait for the office and glee.

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