Preview Night

Monday, August 23, 2010
Tonight we traveled to the kids' school for a preview of the classrooms, an opportunity to meet the teachers, a little ice cream and socialization.

Paige walked down the halls like she owned the place, high-fiving the head custodian.  She totally enjoyed seeing her new teacher, old teacher and pretty much anyone else that looked the least bit familiar.

Will was pretty excited to see his classroom.  It is large and bright and full of cool things.  He met his cute teacher - but I'm sure she'll hear more of what he has to say when he's not speaking into my thigh. 

All three kids enjoyed climbing onto a school bus that was there to allow students to "practice."  Cole needed me to get him on the bus, but then had no problem walking to the back where his sister and brother were.  He also announced at dinner before heading to the school that he is going to go to "kingarten." 

Overall, it was a very positive glimpse into what this school year will bring!


Alli said...

The part about Paige high-fiving the custodian kills me. We both obviously got that gene!

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