Plaaaay Baaall

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Thursday night on a last minute call we decided to chance the weather and go watch the Kane County Cougars play. We get there 1 game a season and it so fun! This year especially because we brought Cole along.

I primed the team with some healthy snacks before we left so that I could feel a little less shameful of the all-out junk food feast that for sure ensues at a baseball game. This included, in no particular order, popcorn, french fries, hot dogs, cotton candy, licorice, and lemonade. Gold star for nutrition!

We stayed until the 6th inning when it started to get pretty cool and the kids lost interest. Cole was a big fan of the between-inning chants and songs and always caught on well (YMCA moves and all). All three kids enjoyed the fire works and the golden retriever (Jake the Diamond Dog) who was the bat boy and water boy. Such fun!


Alli said...

Sounds like a blast! Cole is getting so big and I love Paige's poses :) And Will...will he ever stop making me laugh?!

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