The Honeymoon is over.

Monday, June 21, 2010
Cole has been fantastic in his new bed. Amazing! For both naps and bedtime. Tonight, however, was the first night that we've had a somewhat normal bedtime and he was less than totally exhausted for once. I read to him, sang a few songs with him and left.

Instant sobbing with intermittent "Mommy...Kawin...Mommy...Kawin...Mommy." So I finally went back in for fear of him getting so upset to the point of puking and let him give goodnight kisses to Paige and Will (to see that they, too, are in bed) and read one more Goodnight Moon. I told him I was going to get my pajamas on and be back to check on him. With chin quivering he nodded and grabbed his baby MP3 player to pass the time. I returned shortly, gave him kisses and talked about our plan for the next day and he was good.

So, no, it wasn't horrible by ANY means. He is pretty good at reasoning with anymore. I'm just curious as to when that crying to not go to bed leads to the realization that he can just climb out of bed and be "all done nigh-night." :)


Renay said...

Wow - he's calling you Kawin too? That's kinda funny. Can you please come reason with Brady (mine doesn't seem to work)? He gets out of his crib no less than 20 times a night and hasn't fallen asleep before 9:15 going on 2 weeks now.

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