The End of an Era

Thursday, June 17, 2010
For seven and a half years a simple nursery bedroom set has been in place and in use in our house. Tonight it got taken down. For good. If I don't stop to think about the nostalgia of it, I'm okay. And thankfully, I'm busy enough not to have the time to think about it too much. I can remember sitting in the chair in the corner of our nursery very pregnant with Paige just picturing all that would soon go on in that room that we set up for her. It is sad to me.

But what is cool to me is Cole's new bedroom set. Because he has quite a small bedroom, we went a little different and got him a mid-loft bed so that his chest of drawers could fit underneath along with a bookshelf on the end. It gives his room plenty of floor space. The big kids are WAY jealous which makes Cole feel even cooler. It makes sense for him to have it as he is are most avid climber.

So, he's upstairs now sound asleep. In his big boy bed - or as he referred to it - his 'good boy bed.' Yeah, we'll see about that. Here are the kids during reading time tonight - all in Cole's bed.


Anonymous said...

uh, i'm crying. it's so sad to be done with this stage!

LOVE the furniture, though! hope he sleeps all night for you :)

Lisa E. said...

I love that bed!!! So cool! And how great for him to have something a little different! But I still can't believe he is old enough for a big boy bed!!

suzanne said...

i love the bed! i bet cole is excited to go to bed every night now.

Bethie said...

What an awesome bed!! They are all getting way too big!

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