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Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Today some good things happened that I like alot:
  • Bought my first flowers of the season!
  • Got to take a walk with Cole and my dogs
  • Had laundry put away, dishwasher unloaded, and dinner in the crockpot by 10am
  • Got to take Paige to ballet without the boys in tow
  • Got to sit on my grandma's front porch with her (in kid-less peace) during ballet
In other news, though, I have an addendum to Cole's turning 2 update.  I mentioned that he seemed to turn 2 overnight.  Well, he also got the "twos are tough" memo and is following it well.  I'm just kidding, really.  He just all of the sudden is not liking bedtime.  This, from the boy who up until 2 days ago would pull his covers up to his chin and say, "Night, night, mommy" at naptime and bedtime.  Thankfully, his protests have gotten shorter today and it may just be a quick crazy phase.  The boys and I ARE going looking for big-boy furniture for the little guy tomorrow, though!  

He also had a time-out tonight given by dad (due to repeatedly hitting despite being told not to).  Because he still just seems little for that type of discipline, I had to stay in the kitchen to hide my laughter.  It was quick and to the point - and I think he got the message.  Still...funny.


Alli said...

Hysterical! I have to hide my laughter too. It's awful.

Kelly said...

ooooh so jealous of sitting on the porch w/ grandma...what a wonderful thing. would give just about anything to have one of those moments again!

Bethie said...

I'm impressed with Will's spelling of your name! That's exactly how it sounds and should be spelled that way. Also, he has very good penmanship! I'm cracking up at Cole's time out!!

Renay said...

dinner in the crockpot by 10? Stop right there, that was a super productive day!
I can't believe you're going big-boy bed for Cole already!

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