My Tight Ship

Thursday, April 8, 2010
I've been told before that I run a pretty tight ship. I know that this is code for "you're strict," but that really doesn't bother me. With the work and dedication that goes with being pretty regimented comes predictability and comfort. Both the kids and Rich and I benefit from this. Yes, I'm not so tunnel-visioned that I don't see there are downsides to parenting this way, but I feel the upsides are weighted more heavily.

I once read an article about the element of surprise and that it is SO much more pronounced if it is few and far between. The example given was that of a college professor who occasionally threw candy out during lecture. Not every lecture, of course, because students would then come to expect it, but just enough that for each lecture there was a glimmer of hope that it may happen with no resulting major letdown that it didn't. That's what I go for.

We have a going to bed routine that includes 20-30 minutes of a show before heading up at 7:30 pm - usually on the dot. But imagine the excitement when they get to stay up 10 minutes longer to see the part in The Sandlot where they all chew tobacco and then get sick on a carnival ride! They pranced happily to bed feeling as if they were wealthy with luck!


Lisa E. said...

I truly admire your "strickness"!

Renay said...

I wish every day I could be as regimented as you! I have always admired your ability to "run a tight ship"...mine issometimes a little leaky :):)

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