Change of Plans

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
I was going to post an "Out of the Mouths" post tonight since quite a few things that came out of my kids' mouths made me chuckle today.  However, Paige misused a word at dinner and now I can't for the life of me remember which one it was.  Will's quote was concerning a trip he had to the bathroom and it was maybe a little too crude to post.  But trust me...funny.  And Cole's "quote" was simply that he read an entire Cars book to me.  And very well.   I was in tears.  He's officially old.

So instead, I will share the fact that it is "Unplug" week in our school district.  In honor of Earth week, the kids are challenged to "unplug" as many days of the week as possible.  They then earn varying levels of rewards based on how many days they unplug.  Unplugging is no computer / TV / video games.  Paige has done 2 full days now and I honestly have to say that I'm impressed!  We have been busy doing other things and quite honestly, having fun! While it's a neat change of pace, most TV time in our house is quality.  It's not mindless watching - and I kind of miss our sit down to a short portion of a show before bed.  It's one of our favorite times, even if it does involved the TV.  So there, Earth.


Renay said...

quite impressive with the no tv/computer etc. Unfortunately, my kids would destroy the house during mommy's work-out time without TV. I'm sorry Earth!!!

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