A Few Gripes

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
In the most recent Parenting magazine, there is an article about how to handle kids' sleep during time changes in fall and spring. They left out one important circumstance: what if your kid invents an hour time change all on his own?

Cole has been a BEAUTIFUL sleeper. I comment on this regularly and greet him with smiles every morning because it makes me so happy. He conveniently wakes at 7:15 every morning which is right after I'm done getting ready and am ready to face the world...of my kids. However, for the past week it has been exactly an hour earlier. Six fourteen to be precise. I can't be sure of the reason for this, but it's really throwing off my groove.

Another thing that he's into that literally throws off my groove is when I'm carrying him (into a store, into Will's preschool, out of the van) and he decides to use his super-vice grip to latch onto a door handle or railing. It's like another version of being clothes-lined!

And while I'm on the griping subject I'd also like to add that while I haven't done the research, I'm pretty sure there's a study out there that states that it is unhealthy -for both mind and body- to hear your name being called 50 hundred million times in one day.


Renay said...

ahhh - Brady has been waking up early too! He usually sleeps until at least 8 (or plays in there after he wakes up until at least 8...God LOVE him), but he has been up and yelling by 6 some days! What's with these babies?!

suzanne said...

mine have been getting up a little earlier too (luckily not that early though). it has to be b/c the sun is coming up a little earlier.

Anonymous said...

You could just nail a blanket over the window like we did in Jack Henry's room. Honestly, though, it didn't help much.

JH likes to do the "clothes-line" thing to me, too!

And you already know what I think about your name being called infinity-billion times a day.

Kelly said...

What is with the earlier wake up time? My kids are doing the same thing. Izzy's wake up time went from sometime btwn 6:45-7:15 to 5:45 - 5:59 (seriously). Her room is VERY dark too. I don't get it. Sam is right there w/ her. This started about 2 weeks ago. Ugh.

Laurie said...

This reminded me of the Family Guy commercial where Lois is resting and Stewie comes into her room and goes "Mom, mom, mama, mommy, mom, mom...". Kelly STILL does it to me and I want to choke her. I closed my bedroom door so she couldn't do it anymore and she slid a piece of paper under the door that said "Mommy!". Yeah...she's 20. Going on 7!!

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